Alrasalah Bakery

Alrasalah Bakery started its operations in 1981 by Adel Abduljalil Alkhor as a local bakery with 10 employees and many of its products being manually produced. Alrasalah Bakery began business by supplying the country with Arabic breads, pastries, Arabic sweets and confectionery.
Today, Alrasalah Bakery is the leading bakery in the Kingdom of Bahrain with a workforce of over 40 and the capacity to produce 100,000 items every day.
Our range of products has diversified and expanded to meet the needs of the growing customer base. Alrasalah Bakery now produces 100 different types of bakery items, breads, pastries, Arabic sweets, confectionary, muffins, cakes, nuts, coffee, and biscotti’s which are just a fraction of the variety of products that are available. Even with a large product base, we still surpass our competitors with superior customer satisfaction and consistently excellent quality of goods.

Alanwar Alzahira Trading Est.

In the early 1970s, Abduljalil Alkhor started work in the import/export business of fruits and vegetables along with his son, Adel. For over 25 years, Adel grew his reputation and experience within the Kingdom of Bahrain and eventually started his own company, Alanwar Alzahira Trading, in 1995.
Today, Alanwar Alzahira is a leading importer of a variety of fruits and vegetables from countries all over the world including China, India, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, South Africa, Australia, New Zeeland, Kenya, and the USA.

Ahmed Adel Alkhor Trading Est.

Ahmed Adel Alkhor is a third-generation businessman who is carrying the torch from his father and grandfather before him. Ahmed was mentored by his father Adel in Alanwar Alzahira and Alrasalah Bakery which gave him the confidence he needed to start his own business in 2011.
Just like his father and his grandfather before him, Ahmed excelled in the import/export business of fruits and vegetables. He was able to build new supply chains and import high quality products at much lower costs.
Ahmed also expanded the business to include a variety of foodstuff which complimented his position as a leader in the export/import market.



Office: 00973-16676667
Mobile: 00973-36670066
Address: 14 ,Building 20 , Street 336 , Block 314
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